Species-level genome bins (SGBs) from the human microbiome

The human microbiome harbors many unidentified species. By large-scale metagenomic assembly of 9,428 samples from diverse populations, we uncovered 154,723 microbial genomes that are recapitualed in 4,930 species-level genome bins (SGBs). Many species (77%) were never described before, increase the mappability (e.g., median mappability >95% in the gut) of metagenomes, and expand our understanding of global body-wide human microbiomes.


Data repository and supporting material

The 154,723 reconstructed genomes

The 4,930 SGBs' representatives

The 9,428 metagenomic samples


  • Sequences of the SGB rRNAs predicted with Barrnap: download
  • List of 644 additional reference genomes (available in NCBI as of Sept. 1st, 2018 from a total of 159,803 genomes) with the link to our uSGBs: download

These data types are also freely available at lifebit

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E. Pasolli1 F. Asnicar1,8 S. Manara1,8 M. Zolfo1,8 N. Karcher1 F. Armanini1 F. Beghini1 P. Manghi1 A. Tett1 P. Ghensi1 M. M. Collado2 B. L. Rice3 C. DuLong4 X. C. Morgan5 C. D. Golden4 C. Quince6 C. Huttenhower4,7 N. Segata1,9

Extensive unexplored human microbiome diversity revealed by over 150,000 genomes from metagenomes spanning age, geography, and lifestyle

Cell 2019 10.1016/j.cell.2019.01.001

1 CIBIO Department, University of Trento, Trento, Italy

2 Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology-National Research Council, Valencia, Spain

3 Harvard University, Cambridge, USA

4 Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Boston, USA

5 University of Otago, Otago, New Zealand

6 Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick, Warwick, UK

7 The Broad Institute, Cambridge, USA

8 These authors contributed equally

9 Lead contact