GraPhlAn is a software tool for producing high-quality circular representations of taxonomic and phylogenetic trees. It focuses on concise, integrative, informative, and publication-ready representations of phylogenetically- and taxonomically-driven investigation.

Software repository and supporting material

The software repository of GraPhlAn is at:
The supporting user group is at:
A first comprehensive tutotial is at:
A tutorial in Biobakery is at:
A Galaxy interface is at:
For comments and question please refer to the user group linked above or contact us


If you find the tool useful in your research, please cite our paper:

Francesco Asnicar1 George Weingart2 Timothy Tickle3 Curtis Huttenhower2,3 Nicola Segata1

Compact graphical representation of phylogenetic data and metadata with GraPhlAn

PeerJ, 2015 10.7717/peerj.1029

1 Centre for Integrative Biology (CIBIO), University of Trento, Italy

2 Biostatistics Department, Harvard School of Public Health, USA

2 Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, USA


An example figure is below (more on the example folder in the repository)